Bonyan Tejarat Tajar Medical Device

Bonyan Tejarat Tajar Co. is one of the most leading and recognized companies, which aims at importing and supplying medical device. This company was established in 2009. The idea of this company at the beginning was based on identifying the needs of customers in the field of medical device.  To satisfy these needs, a group of capable and experienced people gathered, who not only benefit from sufficient knowledge, experience, and expertise, but also possess unique characteristics such as commitment, strength, honesty, and responsibility.

In line with its main goal, Bonyan Tejarat Tajar Co. has taken great steps toward importing and supplying a wide range of medical device, which has been in accordance with the national and international standards and within the rules and regulations of the General Department of Medical Equipment. This company imports different types of medical device, including disposable medical equipment and supplies, surgical equipment, home care supplies and equipment, wound healing management, and urology devices.

Due to its brilliant background, Bonyan Tejarat Tajar Co. has gained the attention of many experienced and well-known medical device companies around the world in recent years, which has resulted in an extensive collaboration with them. Bonyan Tejarat Tajar Co. always makes efforts to supply medical device from companies whose products are of great quality and comply with the international standards.

Our team at Bonyan Tejarat Tajar Co. takes advantages of creative and capable experts and employees, who always tries to identify the medical device needs of our customers and find solutions to solve them. We are so proud to be able to do a great service to our customers’ health.

More than 12 years of experience